Terms and Conditions (GTC)
for Pension Marktblick - bed & breakfast in Friedrichstadt

1. scope

These general terms and conditions apply to all contractual agreements concluded in oral or written form between the guest and Pension Marktblick - bed & breakfast, owner Claudia Olm, Am Markt 24 in 25840 Friedrichstadt (hereinafter referred to as "Marktblick").
The terms and conditions are visibly attached to each guest accessible in Marktblick and can be given to the guest as his request in writing.
Furthermore, the terms and conditions of Marktblick are also on the website under the Internet address "www.marktblick-friedrichstadt.de" visible to anyone.
Contractual agreements in oral and written form are made in German. Marktblick assumes no liability in case of translation errors into other languages.

2. Conclusion of contract (booking)

2.1 A guest accommodation contract is concluded when a guest orders one or more rooms from one or more room categories for the number of persons and periods specified by him / her and this reservation is confirmed by Marktblick.
The booking of the guest and the booking confirmation from Marktblick are considered binding if they are made verbally, by telephone (telephone) or in writing (fax, e-mail, letter post).

2.2 If a third party makes a booking or order, the latter, together with the guest or guests, is liable to Marktblick for the full amount of all invoice claims arising from the booking.

2.3 If a deposit has been agreed with the booking confirmation by the pension, then the booking is confirmed as binding if the agreed amount has been received within the specified period on the specified account.

3. Prices and terms of payment

3.1 Unless otherwise agreed with the conclusion of the contract, the stated current prices apply on the website or in the current advertising material published by us.
A claim of the guest on the indicated prices does not exist. The decisive factor is the price agreed upon conclusion of the contract and confirmed by Marktblick.

3.2 The prices are total prices, which consist of the overnight price including 7% VAT and the breakfast price including 19% VAT. The prices are listed individually on the invoice as gross and net amounts.

3.3 In principle, the entire amount of the invoice is due at the latest on the day of departure.
The invoice amount has to be paid in Euro according to the invoice.
Invoice amount is the amount that was agreed upon conclusion of the contract as the booking price plus all additional services that the guest has used or booked.
This amount must be paid in cash or with a valid debit card or credit card. Other currencies or checks are not accepted as a means of payment by Marktblick.
3.4 If a down payment has been agreed, the remaining amount will also be due at the latest on the day of departure in the same form as mentioned above.

3.5 If the total amount of the bill is not paid at the latest on the day of departure by the guest, the latter is immediately in default of payment without the need for a reminder by Marktblick.

3.6 If an invoice with subsequent transfer has been agreed, the invoice amount shown in the invoice must be transferred to the account specified in the invoice within the specified period.
In case of exceeding the mentioned time limit, the guest will be in arrears without a reminder.

3.7 For bookings that include more than 3 nights or more than 1 room, Marktblick may request a reasonable amount in advance upon arrival.
Deviating from this, Marktblick reserves the right to demand in the individual case in general the entire invoice amount on the day of arrival.

3.8 In the case of early departure of a guest or in case of more than one booked room in case of departure of the guests from one or more of these rooms, the full amount of the invoice, which was agreed at the time of conclusion of the contract as the booking price, is due.
Deviations from this require the agreement and the mutual agreement between the customer or booking guest and market view.
A claim of the guest on reduction of the invoice amount in this case does not exist.

4. Cancellation policy

4.1 In the event of cancellation of the booked service, the guest / orderer or the company who has booked the service, must announce them in writing by fax, e-mail or letter Marktblick.
Marktblick may charge and demand cancellation fees in this case.

4.2 The cancellation fees indicate the due part of the invoice amount of the booked service and are structured as follows:

For cancellations
before the 15th day of the agreed service date (arrival date) free of charge,
from the 15th day to the arrival date or no-show 80%.

4.3 If the room booked and canceled by the guest can be re-rented by Marktblick until the booked date of the guest's cancellation, the cancellation fee will be reduced by the amount that can be obtained by re-leasing the rooms canceled by the guesthouse.
This also applies to cancellations that only affect part of the booked services.
In this case, the aforementioned cancellation policy applies to the part of the canceled booking.

4.4 In the case of a total cancellation of the booking, the payment of the cancellation fee will be sent to the guest who made the booking in the form of an invoice.
In case of a partially canceled booking after arrival, the applicable cancellation fees will be charged on the spot.
For this purpose, the terms of payment mentioned under point 3 apply.

4.5 Marktblick is entitled to withdraw from the contract for a materially justified reason.
This applies in the case of force majeure, the influence of natural disasters or other circumstances for which Marktblick is not responsible, which make the fulfillment of the contract impossible.
If rooms are booked under misleading or false information about the guest or if the guest's admission jeopardizes the smooth running of the business, the security or the reputation of Marktblick in public, Marktblick is entitled to extraordinary rescission of the contract.

5. arrival

5.1 On the day of arrival, the booked rooms are available from 2 pm onwards.
Deviations from this require the prior agreement with market view. This also applies to the previous free storage of luggage.

5.2 Arrivals must be made by 8 pm on the day of arrival at the latest. Deviations from this require the prior agreement with market view.

5.3 If a guest has not arrived by 20.00 at the latest without this having been previously agreed with the guesthouse, Marktblick has the right to sublet the booked room or rooms elsewhere. In this case, the pension has a right of withdrawal and the guest has no claims for compensation against market view.

6. stay

6.1 The allocation of the rooms is done by Marktblick according to the booking. The guest is not entitled to a specific room. Unless this was previously agreed at the time of booking. However, if there is the possibility of a deviation on the spot, Marktblick will gladly accommodate the guest's request.

6.2 In all rooms within the house, smoking and the handling of open light / fire are not allowed.
In case of infringement by the guest, the latter is liable in full for all damages incurred as a result.
In the case of smoking in the room, Marktblick reserves the right to charge the guest who is responsible for the booking, additional costs for the cleaning, the removal of odors and a possible loss of rent amounting to a flat rate of 100, - €.

6.3 Should disruptions or deficiencies occur in the services, Marktblick will try to remedy the situation immediately. The guest is obligated to contribute to remedy the disturbance and to minimize any possible damage.

7. departure

7.1 On the day of departure, the room is available to the guest until 10.00 o'clock.
If the room has already been rented to another guest on that day, additional use is excluded.

7.2 From 10.00 am Marktblick may start with the final cleaning of the room. At this time, all personal belongings brought by the guest must be removed from the room by the guest.
Deviations from this require the prior agreement with market view.

7.3 If the room is not re-rented on the day of departure of the guest, Marktblick charges an additional use of the room by the guest until 2 pm at 50% of the room price and from 2 pm at the rate of 100% of the room price.
The guest is free, Marktblick to prove that its additional use of the room no or a much lower damage.

8. liability

8.1 All furnishings within the premises are property of Marktblick or rented by Marktblick.

8.2 In the event of grossly negligent or intentionally caused damage in the premises of the house by the guest, the guest is liable to Marktblick or the owner of the property in the full amount of any resulting repair costs or replacement costs of damaged goods. In case of theft at the replacement cost.

8.3 Marktblick is expressly only liable for the risks that are insured under the law within a public liability insurance.
Liability beyond this is excluded.

8.4 It is up to the guest to insure his brought objects against theft, damage or destruction himself.

9. Final Provisions

9.1 Changes or additions to the contract, the acceptance of the application, or these terms and conditions for the accommodation in the market view should be made in writing. Unilateral changes or additions by the customer are invalid.

9.2 German law applies.

9.3 Place of performance and place of payment is the domicile Marktblick bed & breakfast in 25840 Friedrichstadt, Am Markt 24.

9.4 Should individual provisions of the General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Otherwise, the statutory provisions apply.

We do not participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board. However, the Law on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Matters demands that we nevertheless refer you to a Consumer Dispute Resolution Service responsible for you:

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