A small town with Dutch flair, close to our beloved North Sea coast - "Hartelijk welkom" in Friedrichstadt!

Between historical gabled houses and romantic canals awaits your own personal holiday experience!
There is much to sniff to explore, to experience, to taste and enjoy! Diverse cultural activities, excursions and numerous opportunities to become active, you will find in Friedrichstadt.

With a canal boat trip to discover the city from the water and smell the salty breeze of the sea breeze. Who himself would like to be active, has the opportunity to rent a boat and sail through the canals. But Frederick city can also be wonderfully explored on foot. Immerse yourself in a world of stories and learn more about the people and events of the city. History lovers must visit the Remonstrant necessarily - it is the only church of Arminianism in the German language.

As befits a true Dutch city, you can rent bicycles and a well-developed network of cycle paths in and around Friedrichstadt. Here you will find great tours. Enjoy life and the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city!

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Sankt Peter-Ording:
The town with the famous stilt houses and the wonderfully wide beach is just a stone's throw away from us. Together with the largest North Sea island of Sylt St. Peter-Ording is considered the best German area for wind and kite surfing. Beach sailors and Kitebuggyfahrer there are also very good hands! Since 2006, of the ten-day Kitesurfing World Cup will be held on the beach of St. Peter-Ording annually. With more than 130,000 spectators and more than 100 participants of the Cup is the biggest kite event in the world.

One of the most famous attractions of the city, the "Husum Crocus Blossom" in the spring with about five million crocuses. In addition, every year in early August, the "Husum Harbor Days" instead. The city offers with its tidal harbor in the center but outside these events many sights and culinary discoveries. The Theodor Storm House presents an exhibition which partly preserved in the original premises of the famous Husumers and its works. It was from 1866 to 1880 the home of Theodor Storm. He has written several novels, but not the poem "The City", the Storm the "gray city by the sea" dedicated.

If you want to experience art and culture is good for our former capital of the Duchy of Schleswig on the Schlei. The city's name comes from the Old Norse and means "Bay of the loop" or "port of the loop". The loop is considered as an excellent sailing area and is used by many visitors Schleswig water sports. Every Tuesday is on the Capitole, the weekly market visits. The castle houses the State Museum of Art and Cultural History and the National Archaeological Museum are housed. Just outside the town is the exciting Hedeby Viking Museum. Picturesque country roads, the city is a worthwhile destination for a bike trip.

Whether you drive during your stay around Friedrichstadt walking, jogging, biking, golfing or prefer surfing, beach buggy, kite surfing or hiking in the Wadden want: our secluded dirt roads, well-developed and flat bike trails, the beaches of St. Peter- Ording and Sylt and the Wadden sea are ideal for your active holiday.